Last Month to See The Beatles in Montreal exhibition


An exhibition that takes a look back at The Beatles’ two shows in Montréal on September 8, 1964, as a true musical revolution was brewing in Québec

Pointe-à-Callière presents The Beatles in Montréal in its new exhibition rooms in the Mariners' House – National Bank Building, where visitors can re-experience the Montréal stopover of this legendary British group that revolutionized pop music around the world, and that also had a profound influence on musical trends that took root right here in Montréal and throughout Québec.

Designed as an exhibition-experience, The Beatles in Montréal uses this musical event as a way of showcasing Montréal history and the emergence of “yéyé” music in 1960s Québec.

On view in the exhibition:

  • Some 360 objects, including personal items, objects signed by The Beatles, records, instruments, Beatlemania-related items, film excerpts, archival photos, and pages from newspapers showing the madness and euphoria brought on by the group’s appearance, both here and elsewhere
  • Items from the private collections of Gilles Valiquette, Richard Lapointe, Pierre Marchand, Luc Bouthillier and Jean-Louis Vaillancourt
  • A space that has been transformed into Beatles house, through the contributions of many fans and collectors who answered the Museum’s call last December
  • 1960s objects that have gone on to achieve cult status, including record players, transistor radios, princess telephones, television sets, and teenagers’ clothing, which provide an opportunity to relive the effervescent music scene in 1960s Montréal and Québec with the emergence of groups like Les Baronets, Les Classels, Les Hou-Lops, and Les Sultans
  • A karaoke space in which visitors can share the stage with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and sing songs performed on the Ed Sullivan Show
  • Colourful first-hand accounts by personalities who were at the historic event
  • And John Lennon’s famous Rolls-Royce, with its flowery paint job, which was able to make the trip to Montréal thanks to a successful partnership between Pointe-à-Callière and the Royal BC Museum, owner of the spectacular car since 1993.

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Pictures from the official inauguration on Facebook